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November 22, 2021

Phase 1b Results Reported for Potentially First-in-Class Parkinson’s Treatment

Boston-based biopharma company Yumanity Therapeutics announced last week that its drug candidate, YTX-7739, met its…
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November 17, 2021

Monoclonal Antibody for Parkinson’s Disease Moves to Phase I Clinical Testing

A monoclonal antibody that binds to alpha-synuclein is advancing into a clinical trial after showing…
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October 27, 2021

New Research Identifies Potential Pathway for Stopping Spread of Alpha-Synuclein

A hallmark of Parkinson’s disease is the presence of Lewy bodies—abnormal clumps of protein primarily…
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October 20, 2021

Molecule Shows Potential to Slow Production of Alpha-Synuclein

Researchers at the University of Utah tested more than 150,000 compounds in search of candidates…
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October 12, 2021

Researchers Discover Potential Link Between Alpha-Synuclein and X-Linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism

In a new paper published in Movement Disorders, researchers for the first time established a…
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September 28, 2021

Gain Therapeutics Identifies Compounds for Potential Treatment of Parkinson’s and Gaucher Disease

Biotech company Gain Therapeutics, Inc. announced positive results from an initial study of two Structurally…
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September 15, 2021

Researchers Discover New Pathogenic Pathway in Parkinson’s Disease

Previous research has demonstrated that alpha-synuclein can damage mitochondria, the organelle responsible for cellular energy…
News Release
September 7, 2021

CND Life Sciences Adds Biopharma Veteran To Its Board

Enrique Carrazana, MD Brings Deep Expertise in Neuroscience and the Life Sciences Industry to Support…
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September 1, 2021

Annovis Bio Completes Dose-Response Study of ANVS401 in Parkinson’s Disease

Annovis Bio, Inc., has completed a two-part Phase 2a study of ANVS401 (also known as…
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August 12, 2021

Alterity Therapeutics Publishes Pre-Clinical Data for ATH434 in Multiple System Atrophy

There are currently no treatments available for multiple system atrophy (MSA), a rare and fatal…
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August 2, 2021

Marcus Neuroscience Institute Offers Syn-One Test™ to Patients

Specialized neurologic and neurosurgical care center Marcus Neuroscience Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida,…
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July 23, 2021

Epigenome-Editing Therapy Reduces Alpha-Synuclein Levels in Mice

Biopharmaceutical company Seelos Therapeutics in conjunction with researchers at Duke University School of Medicine announced…
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July 19, 2021

FDA Narrows Indication for Biogen’s Aduhelm in Alzheimer’s Disease

News came last week that after the controversial early-June approval of Aduhelm, the first new…
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June 16, 2021

Dr. Todd Levine Interviewed on Arizona ABC15 About New Alzheimer’s Treatment

Aducanumab, the first treatment for Alzheimer’s disease to be approved in nearly two decades, has…
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June 8, 2021

Dr. Todd Levine Highlights Role of the Syn-One Test™ in Clinical Research on 17 Branches Podcast

Dr. Todd Levine, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CND Life Sciences made his podcast…
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June 2, 2021

Researchers Identify One Way Alpha-Synuclein Spreads Throughout the Brain in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is caused by the accumulation of alpha-synuclein, a misfolded protein that interferes with…
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May 11, 2021

UCB Biopharma Releases Phase 1b Data for Synuclein-Targeting Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease

UCB presented data from a Phase 1b study of UCB0599, an oral compound that suppresses…
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May 5, 2021

First Doctor to Perform Syn-One Test™ in Alabama Interviewed on ABC News

Dr. Timothy Prestley, Founder & Director of Novus Neurology & TMS in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was…
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April 28, 2021

Aptinyx Restarts Study of Treatment for Cognitive Impairment in PD and DLB

Aptinyx, Inc. was forced to suspend its study of NYX-458—a treatment for cognitive impairment in…
News Release
April 22, 2021

CND Life Sciences Partners with FFF Enterprises and NuFactor

Strategic Collaboration Educates Neurology Community About Syn-One Test™
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March 31, 2021

Phoenix Business Journal Covers $2.4 Million Seed Funding, Profiles CND

CND Life Sciences continues to build its presence as an exciting medical technology start-up. Phoenix…
News Release
March 23, 2021

CND Life Sciences Closes Series Seed Funding Round

Innovators of the Syn-One Test™ Building Market Presence and Infrastructure
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March 4, 2021

Researchers Identify Five Genes Linked to Lewy Body Dementia

By identifying potential genetic causes of Lewy body dementia (LBD), researchers hope to gain a…
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March 1, 2021

New Research Furthers Understanding of the Role of Alpha-Synuclein, a Key Protein in Parkinson’s Disease

Although some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) can be controlled by medication, the hope of…
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February 16, 2021

Alterity Therapeutics Receives Grant to Study ATH434 in Parkinson’s Disease

Alterity Therapeutics announced that it has received a second grant from The Michael J. Fox…
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February 4, 2021

Researchers Identify Proteins With Potential to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a complicated neurological disorder that researchers are continuously working to understand. However, a…
News Release
January 7, 2021

CND Life Sciences to Present at Biotech Showcase Investor Conference

Poised for Growth After Successfully Launching First Skin-Based Test for Parkinson's
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January 4, 2021

German Biotech Initiates Phase 1b Clinical Trial of Synucleinopathy Treatment

MODAG, a German biotechnology company, announced that it would begin an in-patient clinical trial of anle138b,…
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December 22, 2020

Dr. Todd Levine Talks With Medical World News About the Potential of the Syn-One Test™ to Impact Patients’ Care

Todd Levine, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CND Life Sciences was recently interviewed…
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December 8, 2020

Eisai Co. and Wren Therapeutics Collaborate to Target Alpha-Synuclein

The two companies announced an exclusive collaboration agreement that aims to develop treatments that target…
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November 16, 2020

CND Life Sciences CEO Rick Morello Discusses Syn-One Test™ on the Price of Business Radio Show

Rick Morello spoke with Kevin Price, host of the Price of Business Radio Show, about…
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November 16, 2020

News Outlets Taking Notice of CND Life Sciences’ NIH Grant Award

News of CND Life Sciences’ $2.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health is…
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November 4, 2020

Phoenix Business Journal Highlights CND Life Sciences’ Plans to Expand, Hire More Staff

Hiring slowed in the healthcare sector across the Valley during the coronavirus pandemic, but that…
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October 27, 2020

Prothena and Roche moving ahead with alpha-synuclein-targeting drug for Parkinson’s disease

Good news in the world of drug development and future treatments for synucleinopathies...
News Release
October 26, 2020

CND Life Sciences Awarded NIH SBIR Grant to Advance Diagnostic Technology for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Grant Supports the Continued Validation and Enhancement of the Syn-One Test™ To Help Physicians Diagnose…
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September 9, 2020

Response to the S4 Study Results in Neurology

A group of international experts responded to the publication of the recent Systemic Synuclein Sampling…
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August 31, 2020

CND Founders’ Research in the New York Times

Drs. Christopher Gibbons and Roy Freeman--two of the founders of CND Life Sciences who also…
News Release
May 1, 2020

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America Sponsors CND Life Sciences’ Study

CND will use its novel cutaneous neurodiagnostics platform to detect and measure changes in TDP-43…
News Release
April 2, 2020

CND Life Sciences Forms to Advance Diagnostic and Therapeutic Solutions

Company launches the Syn-One Test™ as the first commercially available skin-based test to help physicians…

For Clinicians: Request a Syn-One Test™ Kit

The Syn-One Test provides objective pathological evidence to aid in the diagnosis of a synucleinopathy. Simply collect three small punch skin biopsies from your patient, send them to our CLIA-certified lab, and CND Life Sciences will provide important visual insights to support a diagnosis. If you are a clinician, click below to order a Syn-One Test Biopsy Kit.

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