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A Roundup of JAMA Publication Coverage

A Roundup of JAMA Publication Coverage

The Synuclein-One Study has garnered a tremendous amount of interest since results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in March. Below is a collection of articles, news stories, and interviews about the breakthrough study and how the Syn-One Test® can help transform the way Parkinson’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, and related disorders are diagnosed.

The Wall Street Journal, Parkinson’s Disease Can Now Be Detected Through the Skin
National Institutes of Health, Skin Test Detects Evidence of Parkinson’s and Related Disorders
Neurology Live, Paradigm Shift in Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis
American Parkinson Disease Association, Skin Biopsy Update: The Latest News Re: Efficacy and Usefulness in Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis, Now and in the Future
AARP, New Medical Breakthroughs Older Adults Need to Know About
Neurology Today, Skin Biopsies Find Higher Levels of Cutaneous Protein in Patients With Synucleinopathies
Parkinson’s News Today, Skin Test can Detect Alpha-Synuclein Clumps, Aiding Parkinson’s Diagnosis
Medscape, Skin Test Accurately Detects Parkinson’s, Other Neurodegenerative Disorders
Scripps News, A New Skin Test is Being Used to Help Diagnose Parkinson’s
The Harvard Crimson, Harvard Neurologists Find Skin Biopsies Can Detect Parkinson’s Disease in Recent Study

American Academy of Neurology 2024 Annual Meeting Coverage
NEJM Group Conference Update: AAN, Synuclein Skin Biopsy May Improve Diagnosis of Parkinsonism
Parkinson’s News Today, AAN 2024: Skin Biopsy Test May Help Confirm Parkinson’s Diagnosis
The Clinical Trial Vanguard, CND Life Sciences’ Skin Biopsy Tool: A Breakthrough for Parkinson’s Diagnosis
Neurology Advisor, Can Skin Biopsy Test for Parkinson Disease Detect α-Synuclein Deposition?
BioSpace, CND Life Sciences to Highlight Momentum of Skin Biopsy Diagnostic Tool for Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders at the American Academy of Neurology 2024 Annual Meeting

CBS Streaming, Interview with Dr. Christopher Gibbons
Fox News, Interview With Dr. Todd Levine
Healio, Interview With Dr. Christopher Gibbons
NBC9 Denver, Interview With Dr. Todd Levine

CND Life Sciences

CND Life Sciences is the creator of the Syn-One Test™, the world’s first commercially available test to visualize abnormal, phosphorylated alpha-synuclein in cutaneous nerve fibers. The test is an objective, evidence-based diagnostic tool to aid in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, multiple system atrophy, pure autonomic failure, or REM sleep behavior disorder.