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What is the Syn-One Test®?

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What is the Syn-One Test®?

The Syn-One Test is the first commercially available test of its kind, developed to aid in the diagnostic evaluation of patients who exhibit features suggestive of the family of neurodegenerative conditions known as synucleinopathies. The most well-known synucleinopathy is Parkinson’s disease, but the category also includes dementia with Lewy bodies, multiple system atrophy, pure autonomic failure, and REM sleep behavior disorder, conditions that can be challenging to diagnose and difficult to distinguish from other neurological disorders.

What can the Syn-One Test tell me?

The Syn-One Test detects phosphorylated synuclein (p-syn) in cutaneous nerve fibers. The presence of phosphorylated alpha-synuclein is associated with the development of Lewy bodies in the brain. An abnormal test result is highly specific for a diagnosis of a synucleinopathy, but the test cannot distinguish between the synucleinopathies. Clinicians should use the results of the Syn-One Test along with other clinical features to help make a more specific diagnosis.

What makes the Syn-One Test different?

It’s the only commercially available test that uses skin biopsies taken in your office to provide visual proof of a synucleinopathy. The procedure is simple, convenient, minimally invasive, and can detect synucleinopathies even in the early stages of disease.

Is the Syn-One Test covered by insurance?

CND Life Sciences is a Medicare and Tricare participating provider with in-network contracts with a growing list of commercial health plans and other insurance carriers. Since health benefits vary, CND’s billing team can help your patients determine their specific benefits coverage before you conduct the required skin biopsies for the Syn-One Test. CND also offers self-pay options for your uninsured and underinsured patients.

How accurate is the Syn-One Test?

The core methods of the Syn-One Test have demonstrated >95% sensitivity and specificity* for detecting synucleinopathies.

Why should my practice offer the Syn-One Test?

Arriving at and delivering a diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disease is rarely easy or straightforward. We’re confident the Syn-One Test can help provide clarity in cases that present a diagnostic dilemma.

*In patients with a clinically established synucleinopathy excluding REM sleep behavior disorder.

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