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Connect to the Syn-One Community Partner Network

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Connect to the Syn-One Community Partner Network

“Patients first” is a core value at CND Life Sciences. We understand that behind every Syn-One Test® is a patient, and often an entire family system, that is managing symptoms and seeking answers. Because CND works with patients and their doctors throughout the Syn-One Test process, we are uniquely poised to connect patients and families with advocacy organizations in the community, as early in their healthcare journey as possible.

CND believes that patient engagement, self-advocacy, and self-efficacy are key ingredients for better health outcomes. To ensure that patients have accessible information and education relevant to Parkinson’s disease and related conditions, we have partnered with advocacy organizations across the country, on the national, regional, and local level to create the Syn-One Community Partner Network.

Participation and engagement with the Syn-One Community Partner Network can help you learn about and implement lifestyle modifications—improving sleep hygiene, increasing physical activity and exercise, choosing a healthy diet, and mitigating loneliness—that can help you maximize your health outcomes.

CND encourages you to choose one new action, start a conversation, or attend an event that brings you into community with others. Exercise your self-advocacy skills and find the fit that is right for you and your loved ones.

An easy place to start is by connecting with one or more of these Syn-One Community Partners:

No matter where you are on your diagnostic journey—not yet diagnosed, newly diagnosed, or your doctor is reassessing your diagnosis—CND wants you to know there is a welcoming community that is ready to receive you and your loved ones. Whether you are seeking education, emotional support, or community connection, there are resources for you in the Syn-One Community Partner Network.

If your organization serves people impacted by Parkinson’s and related conditions, and you would like to learn more about the Syn-One Community Partner Network, please contact us at or 480-569-2900, option 1.


Sarah Winter, LICSW, has spent her career in neurological disease-state non-profits and medical social work settings, including a movement disorders clinic. At CND Life Sciences, she supports Syn-One clinicians on the West coast and heads CND’s Patient Engagement and Advocacy team. She has a personal connection to Parkinson’s and is passionate about earlier detection of neurodegenerative disorders, so patients have the best chance to impact their health outcomes.