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CND Life Sciences Launches Its Power of Proof Campaign

By June 22, 2021No Comments

CND Life Sciences Launches Its Power of Proof Campaign

CND Life Sciences continues to increase awareness and adoption of the skin-based Syn-One Test™ for Parkinson’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, and other synucleinopathies, now with the new “Power of Proof” campaign, which will appear across several top neurology journals and websites.

The “Power of Proof” theme acknowledges that when clinicians are making a critical diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disorder, it’s imperative they have a high level of trust in the diagnostic tests they rely on. The core methods of the Syn-One Test have demonstrated greater than 95% sensitivity and 99% specificity*, so clinicians can have a high level of certainty when they are discussing the results with their patients. 

Although it can be incredibly difficult to give or receive a diagnosis of serious condition, having visual, pathological proof of a synucleinopathy means clinicians and patients can make a treatment plan based on the foundation of an accurate diagnosis. 

*Based on internal QI/QA data and data presented by Gibbons, et al at the 2020 AAN Meeting (for patients with a clinically established synucleinopathy excluding rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder).

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