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CND Life Sciences Launches New Awareness Campaign in Top Neurology Journals

By April 14, 2021No Comments

CND Life Sciences Launches New Awareness Campaign in Top Neurology Journals

In a new effort to increase awareness and adoption of the skin-based Syn-One Test™ for Parkinson’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, and other synucleinopathies, CND has launched a targeted print and digital campaign across several top neurology journals and websites.

The campaign is built around two themes. The “Power of Proof” theme acknowledges that when clinicians are making a critical diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disorder, both they and their patients deserve pathological proof of the disease. Although it can be incredibly difficult to give or receive a diagnosis of serious condition, having proof can illuminate the path ahead for treating and managing that disease.

The second theme, “Resolving a Diagnostic Dilemma,” stems from the reality that neurodegenerative disorders can be notoriously difficult to diagnose. Early in the course of a disease, the signs and symptoms can be varied and appear unrelated. Getting a more definitive diagnosis may require expensive tests that aren’t widely available or having access to an in-demand specialist. With the Syn-One Test, clinicians can confirm or rule out a synucleinopathy with a simple skin biopsy they collect in their office.

With the new campaign, CND Life Sciences aims to support clinicians and their patients as they seek answers about the neurological symptoms they are facing.

See the new campaign