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It’s Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!

By April 26, 2022No Comments

It’s Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is celebrated each year during the last week of April “…to recognize laboratory professionals for their valuable contributions directly impacting clinical and public health,” according to the CDC.

CND Life Sciences relies on a team of highly skilled laboratory professionals to carry out proprietary techniques to analyze skin biopsy samples for the Syn-One Test®. Their adherence to strict quality standards ensures highly accurate test results—results that help clinicians guide their patients to make informed decisions about their health.

“We acknowledge the expertise and commitment to quality of our Laboratory and Pathology Teams. Their dedication and hard work allow CND to provide consistent and reproducible results that make an impact in the lives of patients and their families,” said Senior Pathologist & Medical Director, Dr. Janine Feng.

Thank you to our laboratory team!

  • Adam Butts
  • Alyssa Harris
  • Amy Webb
  • Anissa Brewer
  • Antoinette Chambers
  • Bailey Bellaire
  • Berenice Jimenez
  • Jackie Stubblefield
  • Jessica Wuollet
  • Jenn Kidd
  • Jimmie Evans
  • Leah VanProoyen
  • Lucus Ratz
  • Phillip Garica
  • Sydney Kravitz
  • Vanessa Moreno

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