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Senior Quality Manager Terri Rosov’s Dedication to Quality is Driven by Patient-Centricity

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Senior Quality Manager Terri Rosov’s Dedication to Quality is Driven by Patient-Centricity

The mission of the medical diagnostic laboratory at CND Life Sciences is to provide the highest quality results for clinicians and patients, and behind this mission is a steadfast commitment to the laboratory’s core values of trust, safety, quality, and patient-centricity.

For Terri Rosov, Senior Quality Manager at CND, building a career dedicated to quality is a natural extension of her commitment to serving patients. “I feel fulfilled in my role when I’m helping a patient. That’s my ultimate goal, and that aligns with the goals of CND.”

Terri holds degrees in both biology and Japan studies, and comes to CND with ten years of experience in clinical validation and verification and test automation. “My background in high-throughput automation of diagnostic tests should help bring CND’s tests to the next level of efficiency.”

In her most recent role at Arizona State University, Terri automated the processing of COVID tests during the height of the pandemic. “Demand was so high. People were really struggling. We developed a way to process the tests so that we could perform up to 6,000 a day.”

Terri also secured College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation for ASU, and since joining CND, has been laser-focused on bringing CAP accreditation to CND. “I have extensive experience with CAP, which is a very prestigious organization for accreditation, and CND was able to achieve accreditation in June 2023.”

Another of Terri’s responsibilities is to ensure that the lab adheres to Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) laws and the additional requirements imposed at the state level so that CND’s processes align with their standards for performance. “New York has a very strict process. Many labs take several years to achieve accreditation. CND’s goal is to receive Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP) accreditation in the next year.”

Additionally, the quality department manages control of documents and performs monthly analyses across pre-analytics, analytics, and post-analytics to make sure that CND is meeting its quality standards. CND is built around its ability to deliver accurate and reproducible test results, which requires a commitment to rigorous standards of quality, including ongoing staff assessments and training in a culture that promotes continuous improvement. Terri is struck by the extent to which her colleagues embrace these activities. “People want to see changes that are going to make a difference.”

Regarding the culture at CND, Terri says, “Everyone shares a similar mission and similar values. I think that brings us close together because we’re all trying to achieve a common goal, which is to provide patients with the answers they’re looking for about their health. Everyone here is excited about the Syn-One Test® and what it can do.”

“The test is so unique,” Terri adds. “It’s the first test of its kind and it provides patients with such a unique window into their health. It’s something that I really believe in.” She also notes that the skin biopsy procedure adds a level of convenience that makes the test more accessible to patients than other types of diagnostic tests for neurological disorders.

A laboratory environment may not involve direct patient care, but for Terri, “Each sample is so important to me. It’s as if they were my own family, and I want the people in my family to have the highest quality healthcare.”

In summary, said Terri, “The mission of CND aligns with my own, so I feel at home.”