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CND Life Sciences’ Clinical Services Team Offers Suite of Clinician and Patient Support Services

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CND Life Sciences’ Clinical Services Team Offers Suite of Clinician and Patient Support Services

Helping clinicians care for patients and putting patients first are core values at CND Life Sciences, and they require going well beyond offering innovative diagnostic tools such as the Syn-One Test®. “From our billing and prior authorization support to our continued training programs for clinical practices, we are committed to ensuring our customers feel knowledgeable and well equipped to utilize the Syn-One Test in their daily work,” says Director of Clinical Services, Mackenzie Steinbach.

To this end, CND has assembled a Clinical Services team with a mission to provide personalized support to both clinicians and patients.

Clinician education and support
The Clinical Services team provides ongoing training for customers as needed, from step-by-step biopsy training to facilitating reviews of pathology reports with the CND Medical Affairs department.

Biopsy training
CND recently launched a biopsy training program to help ensure skin biopsy procedures required to conduct CND’s cutaneous neurodiagnostic tests are performed consistently and with the highest quality by clinician customers. Clinical account managers routinely provide feedback on the quality of specimens that customers send to CND’s lab in Phoenix to help ensure the accuracy of testing results.

Medical Affairs support
The Clinical Services team works closely with CND’s Medical Affairs team and can schedule case reviews or one-on-one discussions as needed with a CND neurologist, pathologist, or expert physician advisor.

Patient education and support

Patients can reach out to a member of the Clinical Services team at any time with questions about the Syn-One Test, the biopsy procedure, and billing and insurance. Ms. Steinbach emphasizes that “our team strives to support patients with resources and answers to important questions they may have.”

Billing support
CND provides benefits verification and prior authorization services for patients who would like to know their benefits eligibility and likely out-of-pocket cost prior to the skin biopsy procedure being performed for CND’s diagnostic tests. The Clinical Services team can present different payment plans and options for those patients who are uninsured or underinsured and understands the importance of assisting patients throughout the billing process.

The Clinical Services team can be reached at or 480-569-2900 ext. 2.